Seven Songs at the BBC.

It’s a funny old world. I know I’ve bored you with this before, but I play guitar and sing Seven Songs- think disco/folk/punk/blues- to raise money for dementia research. It’s a drop in the ocean but we’ve had a tough seven or eight year journey with dementia and we’ve been helped by so many generous souls. I’m giving something back. On Saturday 28th of March Seven Songs performed on Matt Allwright’s Saturday Solutions on BBC Radio Berkshire. If you’ve been interested in my undignified romp through the living rooms of the Home Counties, Wales, Scotland and Manchester then have a listen.Davie-and-Matt

  • The interview starts at about 1hr: 9min
  • The music starts at about 1h: 21min
  • The hilarious phone call is at around 1hr: 26.30 min

Bear in mind all of this stuff is well outside of any of my comfort zones… even playing on the Val Wyatt jetty (to boats?) or in the Ben Nevis Bar to a critical gang of Glasgow folkies was, by comparison to turning up in a radio studio, a piece of Battenburg. Amazingly it all seemed to go off smoothly and yet again I’ve got away with it! Even when Matt asked if he could play along with me and we launched in to an unrehearsed, on the hoof duet of The Allman Brothers’ Come and Go Blues, it was great. Matt is good and our performance was later described by our caller as… “sensational… sensitive but with some balls”. And, against the odds, I really really enjoyed being on the radio and hopefully this will bring some more opportunities for me to play in more living rooms, kitchens and gardens of Berkshire (well anywhere really) to raise more money for dementia care and research.

Just remember Seven Songs is always ready to play for you. Please get in touch and we’ll work something out. I’m available Brians-Headerfor dinner parties, barbecues, ladies nights, blokes nights, shed events or just instead of an evening in front of the telly. You don’t need to do anything and it could just be one or two of you or a gathering I don’t care: say the word and I’ll be there – no audience is too small and don’t worry about donations.

I’d be delighted if you can contribute anything but I’ve learned that it happens and people give what they can. I have a tin or you can donate online through my Just Giving account.

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