Remember Pearson Hall last November? On that chilly evening, when a bunch of amateur musicians – some good, some remarkable and some drunk – got up and played to raise donations for the Alzheimer’s Society? The food was a gastronome’s dream, some say the best ever served in Berkshire, and the drinks were all your favourites.

On November 25th we’re doing it again

‘Really?’ I hear you ask – ‘Didn’t you only just pull it off last year? We had a lovely evening but come on Davie, quit while you’re ahead!’

Nope – we’re going to do it again; it was fun, it was embarrassing, it was joyful and we raised 1300 quid for dementia.

In the words of my old pal Charlie – “It’s what a village hall is for.”

This year we’ve tweaked the format with a handful of new musicians – we took note. There will be more songs you know, more tunes you can join in with and hopefully some dear souls might even jump up and dance to the 80’s section. And it’s still all for a great cause – supporting dementia care and research.

Book a ticket now with me or with

I know it’s a great cause because you tell me it is. Many of us now have family and friends who’ve been diagnosed with dementia and we know how difficult it is – not only to see daily loved ones suffer but also to find the right combination of care and to keep a sense of normality within family life. Carers are wonderful, amazing people and exactly who Seven Songs wants to salute and support. I can only offer singing, guitaring, and corralling willing chums to play, cook, manage and plan.

Oh, and if you fancy sponsoring the evening or donating to the raffle then get in touch with me a

Here are some of the things we’ve been getting up to since last year…

Once again, Brian Scott will be in command, Duncan will be producing with help from Kate and Colin. Kran and the Cook Curry Club will be cooking up yet another delicious feast. The magnificent gang from FHC productions have been roped in to help – whether they like it or not. During the day these blokes are Berkshire’s most successful captains of industry and on the evening of Seven Songs in Sonning they are the unstoppable force, that makes everything happen.

At the moment I can’t share the running order for the night but I can tell you who we might have lined up:

  • Harman: Remember the sensational singer/songwriter from last year?
  • Ginny: Magnificent pianist – her excellence surprised you last year, didn’t it?
  • Donald: Literally, a world-renowned fiddler who’ll make your toes tap
  • Simon: Electronica maestro and musical all rounder, he’ll be singing, drumming and tinkling the ivory
  • Matt: Beautiful finger style guitarist and talented singer – you’ll recognize him
  • Hannah: Plays piano and sings like an angel
  • Kieron: The other half of the Electric brothers, a digital music mystic
  • Davie: founder of Seven Songs and general all round worrier

And just to remind you what Seven Songs is all about:

I believe you’ve got to give to get.

That’s why I’ve played seven songs (sometimes more) over 80 times, solo or with others, to anyone who’ll listen in: gardens, pubs, cafes, shops, living rooms, kitchens and quays, across the country from New Bond Street to West Dorset and from Glasgow to Cardiff.

So far we’ve raised nearly £12,000.

Come along – It’ll be fun – we’ve been practising and I bet some people will be dancing!

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