Well it happened and it seemed to be good – Ginny, Simon, Harman, Hannah, Donald, Matt and I pulled it off.

And with the help of Brain, Donald, Kate and the gang it was a success – £1345 raised for the Alzheimer’s Society.

And the food was possibly the best food that has been served in Berkshire this year from the http://www.thecookcurryclub.com/ – Thank you Kran and Am – with help form the wonderful Mrs SevenSongs.

Here are some picks from Jeremy Gilmore.ginnyginny-simon-mattdavie-2harman-2davie-matta-hannah-ginnysimon-and-hannahnearly-everybodycrowd-2matt-and-donald1hannah1harmancrowd-1matt1davieginny1everybody1

You can follow Seven Songs @mossgiel and on facebook

Get in touch if you’d like Seven Songs to play for you – no audience too small


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