Strange Things Happen Every Day

SevenSongs back in Sonning in November 2017!

Yup, by popular demand, we’ve been asked back, for the third year, to play at Sonning’s Pearson Hall. I appreciate how extraordinary this may sound but there is no accounting for taste. And it is quite wonderful.

If you are free please, please come along on 24th of November 2017 at Pearson Hall in Sonning, kicking off at 7.30 pm doors open at 7 pm. Tickets are £12 from Remember bring your own glasses and drinks and snacks and some cash for a really very very good raffle.

We’ve even made it to the History of Pearson Hall website, twice! So we really are a thing now:

It’ll be music from the Walnuts Davie, Matt and Donald with Ginny on piano, Harman on guitar, Hannah on piano and Kran on curry. And Paul from Sonning 2015 will be back doing a special spot.

If you’ve missed out exploits hear the walnuts and find out about our European tour. Also if you are a bit scared of Pedal steel guitars you may feel comforted by Matt’a blog –

And then there is the Food!

I now accept that the main reason people come along is for a Kran’s food but what the hell. This year she and her Cookcurry Club ( team are serving up…

  • Chicken curry,
  • Daal,
  • Roast Vegetables Sabji,
  • Mushroom pilau,
  • Raita and pickle.

All, of course, gluten-free!

BTW we’ve only ever asked Kran to provide ‘snacks’ but she is awesome is really putting on a banquet so bring your appetite and (note to self) don’t load up on too many salty snacks.

Bring your own drinks, glasses and snacks. Also, bring some cash so that if you put something extra it in our buckets for the Alzheimer’s Society. Our goal is to be that good!

From these events in 2015 and in 2016, we now raised a total of just over £2500 for the dementia care and support. Which is magnificent, keep going and thank you all so much for your support and participation.

The total Seven Songs has raised to date for the Alzheimer’s Society is just over £18,000.

If you’d like to make a donation then go to:

You can follow Seven Songs @mossgiel and on facebook. Get in touch if you’d like Seven Songs to play for you – no audience too small, no situation too embarrassing, no island too remote and no music too live.

Email me at

The Walnuts’ fantastic logotype was designed by Rob Andrews.

For more information about lap steel and steel guitars check out Matt’s blog, Steelgrimage.


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