What’s it all about

Since March 2014 I’ve been singing in the living rooms, kitchens and gardens of Berkshire, Oxfordshire, London, South Wales and Glasgow.

Live Music in Your Living Room

Live Music in Your Living Room

I do it to support dementia research and respite care. Over the last 7 or 8 years we’ve been helped and supported so much by so many people. We live with Nicky’s in-laws. We built an annex Nicky’s mum has dementia and I actually don’t know how Nicky’s Dad manages to cope. He is a saint and all we can do is support where and when we can but it is a terrible thing. Paul watches the person he’s loved and lived with for 50 years and failing right in front of you.

About 2 years I had a brainwave. My wonderful wife organised a birthday party and it was a beautiful August evening – one of these long warm evenings that’s just perfect for a party and I had friends and a barbeque to look after. As a surprise Nicky invited along a couple of musicians who played Ragtime and Blues. Lisa and Andy  who I think a still going strong . It was fantastic.  So I thought there is nothing quite like being up close and personal with musicians when they play, that’s what I think anyway.

I also heard about a traveling theater company who played in peoples homes… they did the tempest storm seen in the dark with water pistols.

Andy and Lisa: a special treat.

Andy and Lisa: a special treat.

So now I sing seven songs and play guitar for about 40 minutes and then I’ll be gone/done/finished. I’m available for dinner parties, barbecues, ladies nights, blokes nights, shed events or just instead of an evening in front of the telly. You don’t need to do anything and it could just be one or two of you or a gathering I don’t care. Say the word and I’ll be there – no audience is too small and don’t worry about donations – I’d be delighted if you can contribute anything but I’ve learned that it happens and people give what they can.

I play songs people know but there is a twist… there is only me so I’ve rearranged the music of different to fit with what I can do… it ranges from Echo and the Bunnymen to Abba to Dionne Warwick.

Why Alzheimer’s Society? – It’s a terrible disease and terrible if you have it and we need high quality research to now. It’s massively under funded at the moment

And I think it important that carers like my wife and, Father in Law, Paul get as much support as possible. The effects of a loved one having dementia has such a an impact on family on friends too.

Here are a couple of fact – please challenge me if you think they are wrong but  they are approximately correct.

  1. For every £1 of cancer research there is 1p of research into Dementia.
  2. Dementia is now the main cause of Woman dying now in the UK (more than breast and colon cancer put together).
  3. Dementia costs the UK economy £17 Billion every year and  the NHS spend only £6 Billion. That is not an attack on the NHS, it’s because it’s an illness that happens at home for the most part.

Get in touch and let’s arrange a Seven Songs. It’ll be fun and I’ve been practicing.


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