To the Lighthouse

The Walnuts are on tour again in June.

This year it’s Scotland and all about lighthouses – and churches, a distillery, gardens, a rugby club, lochs, pubs and a pie shop.

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Walnuts And Wheelnuts

It’s been six months or so since The Walnuts arrived back home from our Motorhome tour of Spain and France and we’ve just started preparing for our annual evening at the Pearson Hall  (23rd November, tickets £15, get in touch with if you’d like tickets. We’d love to see you!).

But even with Sonning coming up there is still only one thing on my mind –  the open road.

To be fair when I say just one thing I’m actually thinking of a couple of other related things – guitars, sausages, bagpipes, vineyards, fiddles, idyllic hillsides and extraordinary breakfasts. Continue reading

Freestyle Breakfasting

This morning is like a thousand other mornings.

6 am Alarm
6.15am Plunge cafetière and deliver coffee to Mrs Seven Songs
6.30am Showered
6.45am Dressed
7 am Leave for the train station – although I sometimes spice things up by leaving at 7.15 am for a later train!

Some days I don’t even have a shower, although that is pretty much fixed to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you’d like to make a donation then go to: The Walnuts Just Giving Page.

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Grapes of Wrath

There is only one thing on my mind, the open road- not sausages or astronauts nor bagpipes – the open road.

As it happens we’re currently on the M25 and it’s not very open but I’m sitting next to Donald Walnut in the back of the camper – he’s writing contracts or something equally lawyerly. Matt and Fergus are up front, eyes on the road, discussing the best things to dunk in tea. I’m just enjoying the rattle and hum of our Bailey’s Advance camper.

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The Walnuts Vs Apollo 11

I’ve always wondered how the engineers, scientists, astronauts and the operations team at NASA prepare for the run-up to a space mission. Imagine being responsible for launching humans and millions of dollars worth of kit into space and hoping you’ve done everything you can to get both people and equipment back safely.

Walnuts, this is Houston. Thrust is GO, all engines, you are looking good.

It’s a bit like that for the Walnuts. We’re getting ready to head off on our Piping Hot Sausage Tour to France and Spain, except not only do we need to get there and back safely we’re also raising money for Alzheimer’s Research UK – NASA didn’t.

If you’d like to make a donation then go to: The Walnuts Just Giving Page.

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A Fistful of Sausages

If someone said to me as a small boy that I would be going on an adventure to find the best sausages in Europe when I grow up I would have known, in that moment, that life was going to be good.
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Strange Things Happen Every Day

SevenSongs back in Sonning in November 2017!

Yup, by popular demand, we’ve been asked back, for the third year, to play at Sonning’s Pearson Hall. I appreciate how extraordinary this may sound but there is no accounting for taste. And it is quite wonderful.

If you are free please, please come along on 24th of November 2017 at Pearson Hall in Sonning, kicking off at 7.30 pm doors open at 7 pm. Tickets are £12 from Remember bring your own glasses and drinks and snacks and some cash for a really very very good raffle. Continue reading